West Palm Beach Security Company

CAT5 Technologies, Inc.  “DBA” CAT5 Security  Services, Inc has been in operation in West Palm Beach since March of 2007. Specializing in Sales, Installation and   services of  all aspects of alarms, cameras, phone/data and other low voltage needs.

We pride ourselves upon providing services to our customers in a manner that is second to none in the industry.

We have been maintaining a unique standard in the South security marketplace, Equipping our clients with the newest and most reliable technology in the security industry.

We consistently provide superior service and value, we do this by installing our systems appropriately, and in doing so, the systems will require less maintenance.  Problems that do arise are quickly and professionally dealt with. The expertise of our technical team  members has been extended to over 5 years of  service experience within this industry, Providing the finest in  customer service and dedication at the highest level. This leaves our clients with superb satisfaction.

We are trained to protect your home and your business. We also offer services in Environmental Security and Audio Arrangements